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The importance of good internal communication

Good internal communication is important to make life at work clear. But what is internal communication? And how can we make it effective?

Internal communication is a set of communication actions within a company, aimed at employees, in order to increase the exchange of information and to promote the company culture. The exchange of information must be effectively distributed throughout all departments of the company. Internal communication also strengthens employee engagement.

Here are the 4 reasons that highlight the importance of good internal communication:

1) Increases employee engagement and efficiency.

When internal communication is on point, employees feel valued. They feel listened to, and this motivates them to get involved and increases their productivity. Their work will be of better quality. You need to start the right conversations so that the internal strategies are of good quality. Employees know how to prioritize and allocate efforts when the information is clear. They know for example the deadlines and are less stressed in the workplace.

2) Strengthens the corporate culture

The corporate culture is a set of knowledge, values and behaviors that, because the majority of its members share it, helps a company to function. It is therefore necessary to communicate internally on its values (by sharing communication campaigns within the company). If employees recognize themselves in these values, they will be stimulated even more.

3) Allows for a better understanding of each other

Good internal communication also means knowing how to communicate in both directions. Indeed, if leaders and managers share and show good transparency regarding information, employees feel involved. It is also a proof of trust.

4) Managing crisis situations

In times of crisis, internal communication comes in handy. When employees know how to communicate, quickly and effectively, it takes away stress. In addition, good internal communication is reflected in external communication. Accurate internal communication helps avoid negative situations.

So, have we convinced you? Internal communication is essential for a company to function. It makes the workplace harmonious and pleasant to work in. You can learn more about communication by training at ÉVO Formation & Consulting. We have training courses in communication and 100% E-Learning, to follow from home, at your own pace.

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