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Business management consulting

How to help companies to better manage their daily life? 

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Advice to companies in difficulty

How to manage the obstacles encountered through an external perspective?

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Business organization advice

How to distribute tasks and responsibilities between employees in order to increase productivity?

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Consulting in team management and HR

How to develop the human capital of your company?

Inspiration bureau

Business creation advice

How to succeed in your professional project by creating your own business? 

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Financial management advice

How to ensure optimal monitoring of the financial management of your company?

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Consulting in  management

from  project

How do you plan and monitor your company's project(s)?

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Coaching and support for leaders

How will a consultant relieve you as a business leader?

The manager is the most involved in the evolution of his company. Accompanied by his employees, he has to propose coherent solutions according to his objectives and his environment. This is why having a global overview of the company will allow him to grow in a clear way and to strengthen the links of his employees. 

Getting in touch  

The initial contact, the first meeting between the consultant and the potential client, represents the start-up phase and the treatment of the objectives. 


A business diagnosis is a strategic analysis report that allows business leaders to decide on the state of the overall management of their businesses to carry out the change management necessary for economic profitability.



An audit is above all an inventory that identifies malfunctions or possible areas for improvement in order to implement a quality policy.

Action plan 

An action plan is a fundamental document within companies. It allows you to define a step-by-step strategy in order to achieve concrete, realistic and efficient objectives. 


The execution of the action plan requires monitoring of various elements to ensure that the work undertaken is going in the right direction. 

This mission is essential, it considerably reduces the risk of failure.


Training is important for the business manager, which will allow him to acquire a solid foundation in areas that he does not sufficiently master and to perfect his skills.


Monitoring involves support for companies by experts in order to monitor the implementation of the action plan and recommendations. 


The conquest of markets on an international scale encourages companies to adopt more advanced sales strategies. International consulting therefore consists in setting up a method and a strategy to promote the activity of SMEs and VSEs.

ÉVO Formation & Consulting supports you in this process. We find and develop different sources of opportunities in order to develop innovative and productive strategies.

Contact our advisor specializing in international consulting to discuss your business. Thus, this interview will make it possible to define an international development plan for your activity.

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Our consultants
  • Professional support: Our consultants guarantee you personalized support adapted to your requests.
  • Human qualities: Listening to the interlocutor is a priority which allows to better understand the problems of the leader and to be able to find solutions adapted to his situation.
  • A Quality Charter: The recruitment of consultants meets the quality charter set up by the ÉVO Formation & Consulting organization, several criteria must be respected in order to ensure the quality of the service provided by the consultants.
  • Great expertise: Our consultants have accompanied several companies and have great expertise and know-how in their areas of expertise.









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