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ÉVO Formation & Consulting offers some face-to-face and remote training. It includes business creation, business management and invoicing. These trainings are carried out by trainers who are experts in their fields. This expertise will allow learners to benefit from their acquired knowledge.

Face-to-face training allows learners to exchange and meet other people. Thus, everyone shares their experiences and the exchanges are instantaneous. This format captures the attention of learners and creates emulation.

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100% Expertise

ÉVO Formation & Consulting offers face-to-face or remote training by trainers with expertise in their field.

100% Funded

EVO Training & Consulting  helps you in your efforts to access vocational training thanks to the financing offered by the various skills operators and/or CPF rights.

100% State Certified

ÉVO Formation & Consulting is Qualiopi certified, certification of organizations providing actions contributing to the development of skills, referred to in article l. 6351-1 of the Labor Code.

100% Accompanied and  coached

EVO Training & Consulting  accompanies you throughout your training by offering you regular monitoring and coaching. You will no longer have any excuse not to train.



Better adaptation of knowledge and  interactions

Formation sur mesure adaptée

Tailor-made training adapted to your needs

Formation de qualité

Guarantee of quality training

Accompagnement vers la réussite

Support for the success of your project

ÉVO Formation & Consulting
Our contact details

Address: 32 Rue Francine Fromont 69120 Vaulx-en-Velin


Phone:  09 87 14 69 53

Mobile:  06 60 77 34 97  


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