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Employee, individual and entrepreneur

Speakers and trainers experienced in business management.

The training does not require any prior knowledge

Accessible to people with disabilities

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Training aims 

To manage your business optimally, you must master the different aspects of running a business. It is essential to understand the economic, legal, accounting and financial fundamentals.
This training will allow you to acquire complementary skills to your activity.

The program will allow you to:

  • Know the legal, tax and accounting obligations

  • Know the managerial obligations

  • Do a market study

  • Integrate the accounting and financial mechanism

  • Define a business plan

  • Set up the different indicators for your business

Training content

During the training, you will discover the methods and tools to work effectively on the following topics:  

Introduction :

  • What is a business?

  • What is Business Management?

  • What is the role of the leader?

Module 1 - Legal and fiscal environment of a company  

  • Know the legal, accounting and tax obligations of a company


Module 2 – Human and managerial environment  

  • Know the obligations of the employer

  • Know the obligations of the employee

  • Knowing and anticipating social risks

Module 3 - Marketing / Commercial  

  • Assess potential by market, by sector and by customer segment

  • Optimize marketing solutions

  • Define the pricing policy

  • Measure the effectiveness of the sales force

Module 4 - Accounting and finance  

  • Understanding accounting and financial information

  • Identify key items in the balance sheet and income statement of your company

  • Control overheads and production costs: direct, indirect, variable, fixed costs

  • Evaluate the breakeven point of your activity

  • Carry out a budget follow-up, the main deviations

  • Anticipate and manage cash flow, make financial forecasts

  • Develop an analysis approach: activity, profitability, financial balances, profitability

  • Evaluate profitability: gross margin, gross operating surplus, operating profit

  • Building balances: equity, working capital, working capital requirement

  • Understand the principle of net financial debt

  • Interpret debt ratios, cash flow, repayment capacity

Module 5 - Strategic choice  

  • Define a business plan

  • Set up dashboards and management

  • Optimize your profitability

Module 6 - The main indicators to put in place in a company

  • Commercial indicators: Turnover achieved and its evolution, distribution of sales by product, conversion rate, customer loyalty rate, etc.

  • Production department indicators: adherence to schedule, average manufacturing supply lead times, team performance and productivity, stock, etc.

  • Financial indicators: Supplier payment deadlines, financial expense ratio, etc.

  • Administrative indicators: evolution of administrative costs, percentage of payroll, staff turnover, etc.

Teaching style 

Face-to-face or remotely 

Estimated duration

2 p.m. (2 days)

Education language


Next session

Any time of the year


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Training monitoring and evaluation system

  • Attendance sheets

  • Oral or written exercises and questions

  • Scenarios

  • Training evaluation forms.

Pedagogical means and training techniques

  • Reception of trainees in a room dedicated to face-to-face training in accordance with health measures

  • The use of the ZOOM platform in the context of distance learning

  • Projected training support documents

  • Theoretical presentations

  • Concrete case studies

Access for people with disabilities to training

A Disability pedagogical and administrative referent is at your disposal for any information concerning accessibility to training or for personalized requests.

To contact our Handicap referent: or  06 60 77 34 97 .

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Phone:  09 87 14 69 53

Mobile:  06 60 77 34 97  


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