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Notre vision


ÉVO Formation & Consulting offers you a catalog of a hundred training courses dealing with 14 different themes. These are available in e-learning and can be adapted to your pace. In addition, we offer certain training courses such as face-to-face business creation and management. Our training courses concern all the departments of a company, from its creation to its marketing, HR, office automation or accounting department. These training courses are aimed at individuals as well as companies and have only one goal: your success by improving your skills.

We offer formulas that will allow you to master a field in its entirety at an attractive price.



  • Project management  

  • Business Management

  • Management of business difficulties

  • Professional wealth management

  • International business development

  • Analysis of business results

  • Business transformation with digital

  • Digitization of the company

  • The company and the quality

Présentation d'affaires



Our consultants work with managers and monitor the development and progress of the company's activity. It provides the manager with the necessary expertise to properly manage their project and make the right choices. This support is broken down into 5 steps, namely making contact to deal with objections, diagnosis, development of the action plan, monitoring the implementation of this plan and then the inventory of progress. .

Business management consulting

Business creation advice

Financial management advice

Project management consulting

HR management consulting

Advice to companies in difficulty

Organizational consulting

Coaching and support for leaders



ÉVO Formation & Consulting is present in the day-to-day management of your company through three main functions, namely the outsourcing of your administrative service, the creation of your company and/or the management of your organization. This daily support will allow you to refocus on your core business and save time through outsourcing. In addition, the know-how of our professionals will allow you to have expertise and reliability in the management of your tasks.

Création d'entreprise

Business creation and micro-enterprise

Gestion d'entreprise



Gestion administative

HR administrative management


Our communication department allows you to create a website, to develop the most innovative and creative marketing (logo, flyer, business card, etc.) and commercial (leaflet, catalog, brochure, etc.) materials. Indeed, our team will be able to define a communication strategy that suits you and meets your expectations. We have only one goal: to support your company so that it is perceived as captivating and successful in the eyes of your prospects.

Nos certifications



The purpose of the “Professional Future” law is to guarantee enhanced quality of training offers in France. Vocational training, apprenticeship and skills development organizations are concerned. Vocational training is at the center of the issues. Professionalization is part of the training course, but qualification must be emphasized.


Qualiopi certification therefore becomes the single certification of any entity or training organization. It replaces and simplifies the authentication system for training organisations. Indeed, for the moment, this system has 53 CNEFOP certifications and referencing by DataDock is in truth only an administrative procedure now. The latter remains valid but it does not offer the quality guarantee of the Qualiopi certification. Training providers should emphasize professional qualification, as well as professional development.

Since January 1, 2022 , Qualiopi certification has simplified and strengthened this system, in particular thanks to the national quality reference system. 

Logo Certification ENI

The ENI certificate is a certification of computer skills in office automation: Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

The ENI certification is well suited to those who need to certify their level of office automation skills to enhance them within the company in which they work, but also intended for students and job seekers in order to enhance their CV and their skills and secure a place in the labor market or within the company. Each software has its own certification: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc. Based on this recognized and permanently valid certification, the person is able to use all the software independently and prove their abilities as soon as necessary. 


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