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Business Management

ÉVO Formation & Consulting offers you to outsource your administrative service, to support you in the creation of your company and/or the management of your organization. We are present in the daily management of your company through these three services intended in particular for VSEs and SMEs.


We created ÉVO Business with the aim of helping and relieving business leaders every day in their organization. Our team has been an expert in this field for many years, which has enabled us to analyze the needs of business leaders.

Outsourcing will be a real breath of fresh air for your business because it will allow you to refocus on your core business without having to worry about administrative tasks. It will be synonymous with saving time since you can tackle other missions related to your main activity. This system will also allow you to save on the cost of recruiting and hiring.

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Business creation and micro-enterprise

ÉVO Business supports project leaders by intervening in their business and micro-enterprise creation. There are many steps to take when you embark on entrepreneurship and we want to intervene to make this task easier for you. Indeed, the creation of a company requires the completion of several formalities and procedures, the extent of which depends on the legal status chosen by the entrepreneur. EVO Business offers you:

  • Advice and support in preparing company statutes (SASU, SAS, SARL, EURL, etc.)

  • A dvice and support in the registration of companies in the trade and companies register 

  • Advice and support for the registration of micro-enterprises (auto-entrepreneur)

  • A dvice and support in changing company forms and statutes

  • Advice and support in the process of filing a trademark with the INPI

  • Advice and support in the development of the business plan

  • A dvice and support in the development of the cash flow forecast

  • Advice and support in the administrative procedures for business domiciliation

Créaion et resprsie d'entreprie

Business Management

ÉVO Business intervenes in the management of your company in the broad sense. Indeed, business management involves a large number of tasks. This is why we bring you new life by allowing you to refocus on your core business and by submitting your business management to us. This will be a real time and energy saver for you. Indeed, EVO Business  offer you :

  • Business leadership and support

  • Preparation of quotes and invoices

  • Entering purchase orders, delivery slips, receipt slips, etc.

  • Processing of expense reports  

  • Preparation of bank reconciliation statements

  • Management of supplier contracts  

  • Management of supplier contracts

  • Set up deadlines and customer reminders

  • Preparation and transmission of accounting elements

  • Assistance for monthly URSSAF declarations for auto-entrepreneurs  

  • A dvice and support in modifying the statutes and/or domiciliation of companies

  • Classification and archiving of paper documents  and digital


    Advice and support on digital tools

  • Implementation of management tools (CRM, software, ...) for the teams

  • Miscellaneous administrative formalities and procedures 

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Gestion d'entrepirse
Réunion d'équipe

HR administrative management

ÉVO Business takes care of the administrative management of your human resources. Indeed, following the hiring of an employee, there are a multitude of tasks to be carried out that you, the managers, do not always have the time to do. This is why we intervene in the administrative management of your company in order to facilitate this mission. Thus, ÉVO Business allows you to:

  • Recruitment management and profile sourcing

  • Management of employment contracts and amendments to employment contracts 

  • Organization and follow-up of appointments with the occupational medicine services

  • Constitution of the personal files of the collaborators 

  • Advice and support in the affiliation of staff to mutual insurance and provident insurance

  • Support in the request for professional training

  • Implementation of staff management dashboards

  • Preparation of variable payroll elements for the preparation of the payslip

  • Organization of annual interviews

  • Advice and support in procedures for dismissal and/or termination of the employment contract

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An entrepreneurial culture 

“Every time you see a successful business, tell yourself it's because someone made a brave decision one day. » 
Peter Drucker

Support and coaching

“To accompany someone is to place oneself neither in front, nor behind, nor in place. It's being close." 

Joseph Templar

Reliability and professional confidentiality

“The value of a treasure lies in its secrecy. » 

Suzanne Martel 

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Expertise and know-how 

"It's the craftsmanship that counts." 

Guadeloupean proverb 

Continuous improvement and operational excellence

"Let excellence be your mark... When you are excellent, you become unforgettable." Making the right choice will always bring you the right thing.” 

Oprah Winfrey

Practical and adapted tools

"You can't order productivity, you have to provide the tools to enable people to become better." 

Steve Jobs

Take advantage of our business management formulas adapted to your needs

Thanks to our different monthly formulas adapted to your needs, you will no longer have any financial constraints. Entrusting your administrative tasks to professionals also allows you to take advantage of a new vision for your company and to benefit from solid, reliable skills. Compliance with the legislation in force, which changes very regularly, will also be ensured. You will have a dedicated and trusted professional contact to support you who has expertise in managing administrative tasks. Our entire team makes it a point of honor to human relations. We are available, committed and attentive to our customers. Your success is also ours, we want to bring our skills to grow your structure. You will then find absolute serenity to develop your business!

Business Essentiel


Business Premium


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Business VIP 


Création de micro-entreprise

Gestion d'entreprise

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Business VIP Stratup

Création d'entreprise


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