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The importance of doing an Excel training

Excel in a company, an indispensable software

Nowadays, 99% of companies use the Excel spreadsheet. Indeed, thanks to its reliability and its performance, individuals as well as employees have the use of it. Excel is very easy to use when you know its functions, and allows you to sort and combine data to obtain tables or graphs. This software has therefore become inseparable from any professional activity due to its versatility and its usefulness on many occasions, such as for transformations from raw data such as formatting, ordered calculations, management, etc. From programming to the creation of graphs and data analysis, you will find all the indispensable functions that will facilitate your daily life. Indeed, you can also carry out more or less complex calculations until the elaboration of calculations.

It is therefore necessary to master this tool perfectly, regardless of your situation: employee, self-employed, private individual or job seeker.

The advantages of using Excel

The Excel software is essential, as mentioned above since its creation to carry out various professional activities. In spite of the arrival of many tools dedicated to the work, this software remains timeless. Its many evolutions over time allow it to meet the new and varied needs of Excel enthusiasts.

The reason why Excel is so well known is that it helps to automate many tasks. Data entry and processing are made easier. There is also the possibility to link files to get a global view on several documents. The results of the workers are then easier to boost. This software makes it possible to spend less time on tedious activities.

The other advantage of this software is its very low cost compared to its practicality and usefulness. Indeed, many tools require a large budget. For example, Sage or Perfecto software, used in accounting, have a much higher cost of use than Excel, which only requires the purchase of the Microsoft pack which includes this spreadsheet.

Mastering Excel, an essential advantage

The importance of training in digital tools is no longer in question. In this day and age, having basic knowledge of digitalization is a prerequisite, regardless of the position. Indeed, whether you work in commerce, administration, accounting, financial analysis or for a newspaper, this mastery of Excel will always be useful. This spreadsheet will help you to set up a database as well as to manage logistics. It is therefore essential to be trained in it.

If you already know the basics of this spreadsheet, you can then turn to an Excel training course in advanced or expert. Thus, more advanced courses will allow you to refine your skills on this tool.

Up to 100% of the cost of your Excel training is covered

By using your CPF, you can train in Excel to master the basics and subtleties. The CPF covers up to 100% of your training, depending on the balance you have available. Using your account is very simple and does not require any administrative process.

EVO Formation & Consulting offers you its Excel training on the CPF as well as the office pack. These trainings are adapted to your level and will allow you to obtain the ENI certification. This last one will allow you to measure your office automation knowledge and to bring an added value on your CV while being 100% financeable by your CPF!

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