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The French and professional training

The world of work is affected by changes that are constantly accelerating and professional training is proving to be an effective way to adapt to these changes.

But what do the French think?

Professional training appears to be a major issue for the general public. Indeed, 93% of French people say that it is important to train throughout one's life. 86% of them find it efficient to update their skills and stay in touch with their job. Many working people are therefore concerned about the evolution of skills in their profession and in the market in general.

Professional training is part of employees' rights. Thus, employers are obliged to offer training within their establishment. Workers, on the other hand, are free to accept or refuse to join these programs.

Indeed, since the reform, vocational training is becoming more and more important. The French no longer hesitate to use professional training: 6 out of 10 working people will do so in 2021 according to a recent survey by Visiplus Academy and BVA.

Moreover, it is essential in many cases, such as to deepen, develop and increase skills or to progress in one's profession and evolve in one's career. Professional training also allows you to adapt to changes or to retrain for a new career.

However, the main obstacle to professional training is time. Indeed, employers sometimes mention organizational problems and time as obstacles to training. However, they have the possibility to organize the sessions during or outside of work time. Moreover, there are now several ways to carry out training without being absent, notably with e-learning.

Is e-learning really the solution?

Distance learning is not the solution to everything, but at least it can solve the problem of time and organization.

E-learning is an efficient way to update one's skills in a field. It can also allow employees to develop new skills quickly, without impacting their work. Employees can learn from their workplace or home without having to travel. This is very convenient for employers.

Training is ultimately important because it benefits both the employees and the company. It stands out as a real asset, well beyond the company's obligations.

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