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The 4 essential sales techniques for a salesperson

Sales techniques have diversified in recent years, moving from a product-oriented vision to a purely customer-oriented vision. This requires a real link with the customer in order to increase his loyalty. 4 essential techniques must be retained by a sales representative in order to ensure the entire process, from the discovery of needs to the sale.

Active listening will be the engine of your sales. Indeed, listening is good, being empathetic and understanding with your customer is better! You must give real importance to what your prospects and customers express to you. Rephrase what your customer says, ask open-ended questions, show interest and ask for clarification. This way, the customer feels listened to and understood. Taking notes is an effective way to focus on what your client is saying. It is therefore with active listening that you will be able to provide your customer with a relevant answer! Moreover, this will improve your transformation rate but also the overall satisfaction of your customers, which is essential for loyalty.

The SPANCO method allows you to convert the prospect into a customer by following each step of the commercial negotiation. It is a "roadmap" that puts sales figures into perspective thanks to KPIs. Each letter in the SPANCO acronym refers to a phase of the capture process:

  • Suspect: this is the target definition phase during which you define a scope of contacts and relationships for your offer.

  • Prospect: this is the lead identification phase for which you define common characteristics before contacting them.

  • Analysis or Approach: this is the evaluation and identification phase. It is at this moment that the sales representative meets the prospect who will establish his problematic so that the professional analyses his needs.

  • Negotiation: this is the sales proposal and negotiation phase during which the sales representative will try to get the prospect to accept the offer by responding step by step to his defined needs.

  • Conclusion: this is the phase of finalizing the order and making the sale concrete, during which the purchase conditions are determined.

  • Order: this is the order management and follow-up phase, which must be carefully handled to strengthen trust and build customer loyalty.

The SONCAS method allows us to understand the customer's motivations. This method allows the salesperson to remove all of the prospect's obstacles. Indeed, this method is generally used during the discovery period. Each SONCAS letter corresponds to a type of motivation that allows us to understand the customer's intentions:

  • Security: the customer has a security profile, he needs to be reassured in his purchase.

  • Pride: the customer is proud, shows it and wants to project a certain image of himself.

  • Novelty: Customers like to have the latest products and appreciate change.

  • Comfort: The customer wants to feel comfortable with their purchase and cares about their well-being.

  • Money: the customer is motivated by the gain and/or the savings.

  • Sympathy: the customer has a strong relationship with human beings.

  • Environment: the customer is ecologically sensitive and cares about the impact of his purchases on the environment.

Finally, the CAB method allows the construction of a sales argument which is a positive influence technique and essential for every sales person. The acronym CAB designates three levels essential to any sales argument, namely the characteristic, the advantage and the benefit.

The characteristic: this is what defines the product or service, it is essential to make the offer understood

The advantage: this is what distinguishes the product or service from its competitors.

The benefit: this is the benefit that comes from the characteristic and the advantage. This benefit must have a positive impact on the customer.

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