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Professional reconversion for all!

Do you want to change jobs, to give meaning to your life and to blossom in another job? It is possible, there are many ways to change jobs and finally start a new adventure. However, very few of us really know about the mechanisms that are in place.

There are good and bad reasons for retraining. For example: are you sure you want to change jobs? Indeed, before taking the plunge, you need to make a personal assessment, take stock of what you really want.

Change your job or position? Work in another region or abroad? Everyone dreams of changing their daily life at least once in their life. If this happens to you, don't worry, because you are not alone. Indeed, a French person changes his or her professional life 3 times on average.

When we say reconversion, we often mean training. In fact, three out of four working people who have already changed jobs have undergone training in this context. So put all the chances on your side and train to develop your employability in the field you want. Whether you want to change jobs or open your own business, you need to learn the basics to gain more skills.

Here are some of the measures put in place for employees undergoing retraining:

  • The Personal Development Council (CEP): is a support and advice service for anyone wishing to take stock of their professional situation. This free and personalized service is offered by authorized organizations (Pôle Emploi, Apec, Mission Locale, CAP Emploi).

  • The personal training account (CPF): each active person has a Personal Training Account (CPF) credited in euros and no longer in hours. The CPF is thus available to any active person regardless of their status (employee, apprentice, civil servant, self-employed or job seeker, etc.). Moreover, only the employee with the CPF can decide when and how to use this budget. If the cost of the training exceeds the balance of the CPF, the difference in amount can be covered by the State, the region, Pôle Emploi, the employer or other organizations.

  • The professional transition project (PTP): The professional transition project came into effect on January 1, 2019. Its purpose is to facilitate the professional retraining of working people. It is thus aimed at employees who wish to change profession or who want to evolve in their career through a long-term certifying training with an associated leave.

"Life is a succession of natural changes. Don't resist, because it will only generate worries. Let reality be reality. Let things happen naturally."


So, don't have any doubt, if your profession doesn't suit you anymore, and you want to change your life and realize your dream: Go for it!

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