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Powerpoint : the guide to get started

Powerpoint is a software that is essential to have when working in a company or agency. It is part of the Microsoft Office package. It is used to make presentations. It is the most used tool at work and in faculties.

To get started, you should know that the "creation" mode and the "slideshow" mode can be distinguished from each other. The creation of the slideshow is described in the first mode, and its presentation is described in the second. Simply press the F5 key to start a slideshow. After that, you can simply use the directional arrows, Space, Enter or your mouse to move from one slide to the next.

This software is not free, but what if your audience doesn't have PowerPoint? Don't worry, all they have to do is visit the Windows website and download the PowerPoint viewer. All PowerPoint 97 and later slideshows can be viewed with it, and it's completely free. Very convenient!

Several options are available if you want to present a PowerPoint slideshow remotely. There are two methods via the software itself. You can use the Slideshow tab, then Broadcast Slideshow, or via the File tab, Save and Send, then Broadcast Slideshow. This is a useful feature for broadcasting slideshows remotely!

PowerPoint is a software that everyone is required to use, but there are many features to know how to use. You can now take a training course from your home to learn about this essential tool!

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