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Is it effective to communicate during the summer holidays?

For most companies, the summer holidays are a rather slow time to get the job. However, it is a very good time to communicate with prospects and customers. Yes, don't forget, most people take their phone or computer with them on holiday. According to a survey, 79% bring their work equipment on holiday to keep the professional link and 92% look for a very good wifi connection. We can see that nearly 7 out of 10 French people do not pick up their phone even during this period!

Moreover, your competitors are less active during this period, so it's the perfect opportunity to stand out by being as present as ever! This allows prospects to see you during the summer and they will turn to you in September, not to a company they haven't seen all summer! This can be a real competitive advantage for you that you can't miss.

Communicating to prepare for the new school year

Summer is the time to put yourself forward and to get into the heads of potential customers as soon as the new school year starts. Take advantage of this period to think about the coming months, which will be very intense. So take this time to find new actions to implement. You can, for example, think of a new commercial strategy to get new customers from September, you can also try to find a solution to improve your natural and paid referencing to explode the figures at the end of the year... In short, prepare your return to school as well as possible by continuing to communicate.

Communicate as much in summer as during the rest of the year

Contrary to what some people think, you shouldn't slow down the pace of publication in summer! You must be as active as ever, it is a real proof of your involvement.

However, you can still adapt your communication by transforming your publication content. Indeed, holidays are synonymous for everyone to relax, the topics discussed can be lighter than the rest of the year, avoid business and privilege fun and friendly!

In addition, you can take advantage of this moment to collect customer reviews on Google or recommendations on LinkedIn in order to increase your reputation.

Social networks, just like Google, will not hesitate to "downgrade" you if you decide not to communicate during these two months of holiday! The resumption will therefore be difficult, so remember to keep a certain regularity...

The entire ÉVO Formation & Consulting team wishes you a very nice holiday! And for those of you who won't have the chance to go away, good luck to you!

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