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How to request training during your annual meeting

During your annual review, it is important to discuss training and how you can improve your skills and career. Requesting training can be a good way to show your employer that you are committed and motivated to learn. Here are some tips to help you ask for training during your annual interview.

1. Prepare your request: Before your interview, prepare a detailed sales pitch to explain why you need training and how it would benefit you. Explain how the training will help you improve your work and achieve your career goals.

2. Explain how the training will benefit the company. Let your employer know that your training will not only benefit you, but also the company. For example, if you are seeking certification, explain how this will provide the company with a more qualified and competent workforce.

3. Offer solutions. Sometimes employers are not willing to invest in training their employees. In this case, offer alternatives. For example, if your employer is reluctant to invest in expensive training, offer less expensive alternatives, such as online courses, books or learning materials.

4. Be prepared to discuss terms and conditions. If your employer agrees to your request, you can use ÉVO Training & Consulting.

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