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Digital marketing trends

Every year, new digital marketing trends emerge! The digital world is constantly changing, which is why keeping up to date with the changes is essential for implementing a relevant marketing strategy.

Here is our selection of the main digital trends you should know about.

1: Short videos

With the appearance of TikTok in the last few years, short videos have become a sensation with Internet users. It didn't take long for other platforms to follow suit, like Instagram and the real ones......

Indeed, short videos focus on the way we consume content and emphasize the need to create simple messages as well as engaging content that encourages audience loyalty.

In response to new user practices, more and more users are viewing content on public transit. Videos must therefore adapt to these new practices. In their daily lives, users scroll constantly and only linger on short, dynamic videos that tell a story.

Videos lasting less than a minute are the most watched by users. The shorter a video is, the more likely it is to be watched in its entirety. Therefore, choose formats that get to the point.

2 : Storytelling

Storytelling is a very popular business technique for companies and brands. The principle of storytelling is simple: it is about making your products, brand or services known by telling a story to create emotion among your target. This marketing technique offers the advantage of better capturing the public's attention.

The story of the brand told will remain engraved in the memory of your targets. It will allow you to sell dreams to consumers and build loyalty. In addition, the emotion generated by the story will more easily create a feeling of attachment.

3: Artificial intelligence

In recent years, advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have made it possible to create inconceivable things. But how can this Artificial Intelligence be beneficial for the marketing field?

Indeed, the changes in buying behavior and the multitude of communication channels have made the volume of data available to brands explode. The challenge for marketing today is to take advantage of this data to enrich its strategy. Artificial Intelligence appears to be the answer to this challenge as it allows to process large amounts of data. As a result, among the benefits of this technology, campaigns can be optimized and better oriented thanks to a more detailed knowledge of the customer and an anticipation of future trends.

4: Conversational marketing

Brands have been communicating with their customers for years, so conversational marketing is nothing new. But with the rise of social networks and chatbots, this type of marketing is growing more and changing the nature of interactions. Nowadays, people expect to be able to use instant and direct messaging whether it's with a friend or a company. With chatbots, these conversations can happen on a larger scale, faster and more seamlessly.

Finally, having an online presence is not enough to attract your target. With millions of sites, online competing for the top spot. How will you create engagement? That's why we've outlined some methods that are trending right now, so feel free to use them.

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