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6 tips for starting a business

Creating your own business is above all a human, formidable and lively adventure and you should not be afraid to undertake it! Indeed, some people first see the positive sides of entrepreneurship, which are freedom, autonomy, pride in seeing their own company grow... And then others hesitate because they are afraid of the financial instability at the beginning, of the energy, time and effort it takes to launch a business. So, entrepreneurship is a model that seduces as much as it impresses, so why not you? Here are some tips to help you prepare for this adventure.

First of all, do some soul-searching, ask yourself about your qualities and shortcomings that will help you or that you will need to work on to make your business a success. If you want to be self-employed, you will have all the responsibilities, from administrative management to business strategy. So you need to look at all aspects of business life and make sure you are competent in each of these areas. Once you identify a gap, you need to find a way to fill it. Firstly, you can take one of our training courses in accounting, sales, website design or office automation which will give you the skills you need to run your business. This will give you the pride of managing your entire business. Secondly, you can hire a professional to do one of these things for you, such as a chartered accountant or an independent salesperson. This step is essential and allows you to see your strengths and how to overcome your weaknesses.

Secondly, the best way to succeed in entrepreneurship is to study promising markets. Indeed, offering a good or service that corresponds to current needs will be a big step towards success. At this time, the context is favourable to new activities and new markets have emerged such as digital, metaverse, real estate or even ecology-related professions. Therefore, study in depth the growth market that interests you and for which you have knowledge and skills. This way, you will attract customers from your first communication campaigns.

You will also need to draw up a business plan, which is a crucial step in setting up a company. Indeed, it will present the project and is an essential tool for convincing banks or investors when seeking financing. The business plan should include the project presentation pitch, the proposed product or service, the commercial strategy, the market study and the financial forecast.

Then you need to make sure you have good working capital, because it can take several months for a start-up's business strategy to work, to bring in customers and to make a profit. If you are employed, take the opportunity to keep your job, at least part-time, while working on the launch of your project. On the other hand, if you are unemployed, you can continue to receive all or part of your benefits. These two possibilities therefore allow you to have a fixed income in addition to the grants and subsidies you may receive depending on the activity. Of course, the most common form of financing is a loan from a bank.

You should also consider the legal status of your business. There are many options, such as sole proprietorship, EIRL, SARL, SAS, SASU or EURL... This legal form will have an impact on several choices, in particular: the social security system, the taxation of professional profits, the extent of your liability and the legal operation of the business.

And finally, the best way to prepare yourself for this adventure is to follow our complete 22-hour training course in business creation, which will give you all the keys to leading your business to success. This training is eligible for the CPF, so it can be paid for up to 100%. Find it right here:

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