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5 tips to adopt for your Ads campaign

In any good marketing strategy, Google Ads campaigns allow to appear in the first results of Google. On the other hand, it is not always easy to find your way when you have to manage your campaigns yourself.

First of all, you have to create the campaign. For this, you must select the type of your Ads campaign so that your ads are seen in different places that best match your objectives. There are about ten different campaigns, there are for example:

- The search network: text ads on the search results pages

- Display: illustrated ads on websites

- Shopping: product listings on Google

- Discovery: ads in online feeds

- Video: video ads on YouTube

There are many more, none of them are better, it depends on your objective.

Then, you must of course choose the audience of your Ads campaign. Indeed, as for any marketing action, identifying your target and finding the best way to reach them is essential. You can for example start to define a geographical area, either the one where you are located or the one you are targeting. It will also be possible to target demographically with age, level of education, family situation...

Then, you must define a coherent budget so that your campaign is as successful as possible. An Ads campaign works on a cost-per-click basis, which is probably what makes this system so attractive. It is better to start with a small budget that will allow you to test the market and the field before investing more later on once the campaign is optimized.

Furthermore, it is essential to choose and understand the keywords you are going to use, this will help you to be more efficient. To do this, write a list of keywords based on what your customer could potentially type in his search bar to find one of your products or services. Then place yourself on these requests and remember to be precise to be well referenced. For this, Google offers a keyword planning tool which allows you to find related keywords. A good keyword offers an important click rate, it is not necessarily the most searched.

Finally, you must follow the conversions following your Ads campaign. This allows you to provide information to optimize the performance of the campaign. Indeed, they offer a visibility on what happens when a user interacts with the ads. This gives you the guideline to follow for the future.

So there is really something to do on Google, test and adopt the best ways to reach your target!

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