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5 methods to apply for a better natural referencing

The natural referencing for a website is essential. Indeed, you can have the most original and aesthetic site but if it is not seen by your prospects and customers, it will not be useful to you... The strategy of natural referencing thus comes into play.

What is SEO?

The natural referencing, called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) allows a site to be better placed in search engines and therefore to be more visible. It can be defined as the art of positioning a site, a web page or an application in the first natural results of search engines.

Techniques to apply to improve your SEO

First, define your keyword strategy. The first thing to do when you refer your website is to choose the right keywords. There are millions of them but you need to find THE exact searches that your potential customers could do to get to your website. It is therefore important to land on the business and choose the target of the positioning well.

Secondly, create a blog, this will improve your SEO. It allows you to create quality content, Google sees it as relevant and interesting. You can also relay news or highlight your expertise in certain areas. Set up a recurrence of posts, it brings new content regularly to your website, which is very beneficial for SEO. Having a blog also brings notoriety to the company, which is not negligible. Indeed, you will bring more customers thanks to your traffic which will be more important. This will have a positive impact on inbound marketing as well as on sales.

Third, you should not duplicate any content. Indeed, this is a practice that Google does not appreciate at all and punishes the practice of copy/paste. All search engines favor originality and difference, so create unique content to stand out. In addition, beyond copy/paste content, you must avoid any kind of repetition of keywords because it could negatively impact the SEO. The content must be varied.

Fourth, you must implement a netlinking strategy to improve your SEO. Netlinking is the term used for obtaining backlinks. These backlinks are links that refer to other sites that have relevance and value to your content. To get these backlinks, you must do a netlinking campaign that aims for long-term results.

Fifth, the loading time of your website must be optimized. On the one hand, Google penalizes sites that are too slow. On the other hand, if a page takes too long to load, Internet users are not patient, so they will leave the page. Seconds are therefore counted and make all the difference. To know the loading time of your website, you can use PageSpeed. To improve the speed, you must reduce the weight of the page. In addition, do not forget that your website must be visible and adapted to all media, phone and computer.

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