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3 copywriting techniques you must master

Copywriting is a crucial step that companies miss most of the time. But what is copywriting? In French, it's conception-rédaction. It is a marketing writing process using the art of persuasion to push the reader to act according to a defined objective: leave an email, make an appointment, buy a product, etc.

The first copywriting technique to master is that you must always prove what you are saying. Readers hate it when they read information that is not verified. And if you make a promise to the reader, make sure that the promise is achievable.

Next, use copywriting language. Your content should not be too "academic", so as not to bore your readers. Copywriting texts should be written as if you were talking to a customer in real life.

Finally, you need to know your potential customer. If you want to convert your prospects into repeat customers, you need to know who you are talking to. You can establish personas. There are several tools on the Internet to profile your customer. You can list criteria such as: their interests, ages, genders, geographical areas, income and social classes etc. You will then know how to address your audience. Your web content writing will be immediately easier.

You know the basic copywriting techniques, but don't forget that there are many more. You can get them by doing web development training with our 100% e-Learning courses.

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