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Employee, individual and entrepreneur

Speakers and trainers experienced in business management.

The training does not require any prior knowledge

Accessible to people with disabilities

Analyse des données

Training aims 

To manage his company in an optimal way, the accountant plays an important role in the company, he centralizes and records the commercial and financial data of the company to establish the accounts according to the standards and the legal obligations. 

This training will allow you to:

  • Integrate the fundamental mechanisms of accounting

  • Read and analyze summary documents: balance sheet, income statement and appendix

  • Link accounting to your business situation

Training content

During the training, you will discover the methods and tools to work effectively on the following topics:  


Module 1 - Definition of accounting

  • Understand accounting principles

  • Know the legal obligation

  • Master the analysis and management tool

Module 2 – The organization of accounting

  • Know the different accounting documents: balance sheet, income statement, appendix, ledger, trial balance and journals

  • Understand how double-entry accounts work

Module 3 - The accounting translation of the main operations  


  • Know the accounting support: accounting documents.

  • Control day-to-day operations (purchases and sales, cash, personnel costs and other operating operations)

  • Control inventory operations (depreciation, provisions and regularization of expenses and products)

Module 4 - Annual accounts  

  • The balance sheet: assets and liabilities

  • The income statement: the three levels of income

  • The appendix: identifying additional information

Teaching style 

Face-to-face or remotely 

Estimated duration

2 p.m. (2 days)

Education language


Next session

Any time of the year


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Training monitoring and evaluation system

  • Attendance sheets

  • Oral or written exercises and questions

  • Scenarios

  • Training evaluation forms.

Pedagogical means and training techniques

  • Reception of trainees in a room dedicated to face-to-face training in accordance with health measures

  • The use of the ZOOM platform in the context of distance learning

  • Projected training support documents

  • Theoretical presentations

  • Concrete case study

Access for people with disabilities to training

A Disability pedagogical and administrative referent is at your disposal for any information concerning accessibility to training or for personalized requests.

To contact our Handicap referent: or  06 60 77 34 97 .

ÉVO Formation & Consulting


Our contact details

Address: 32 Rue Francine Fromont 69120 Vaulx-en-Velin


Phone:  09 87 14 69 53

Mobile:  06 60 77 34 97  


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