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What about human resources in the coming years?

The world of work is going through a phase of real change that has never happened before, as it is being shaken up by the digital transformation. Indeed, since the health crisis, some professions have undergone major changes as a result. These evolutions have also affected the world of human resources.

The appearance of new professions

Human resources jobs used to focus on administrative functions such as payroll and recruitment. Today, their role is much more strategic. Indeed, the arrival of digital technology has turned this world upside down. On the one hand, it has enabled the automation of many processes that HR no longer has to deal with. Thus, their administrative tasks are reduced. On the other hand, the relationship between employees and companies has undergone a real change over the last ten years. The employees of a company are no longer all committed to the company's cause; they must now be retained and made to adhere to the notion of "corporate culture". Human Resources must therefore improve the employee experience by all means, in particular by offering an optimal work environment and new management methods. The goal is to create an environment that is conducive to the fulfillment and permanent evolution of the company's members. To achieve this, new professions have been created such as

  • The position of Chief Happiness Manager which appeared in the 2000s. This position consists in creating a positive corporate culture. To do this, it is necessary to listen to employees and propose activities that strengthen cohesion between them, such as team building. This new job is particularly popular with executives and young people looking for fulfillment at work and in their personal lives. This position has been adopted in particular by start-ups, since 50% of Chief Happiness Managers have been created within them, compared to 28% in SMEs.

  • The HR marketing position, which is the transversal function between marketing and human resources, has developed considerably. This corporate function contributes to creating a coherent brand image. This is how the concept of employer branding was born: it is the set of brand image issues related to HR management and recruitment of a company. The goal is to recruit and retain talent. With a poorly maintained employer brand, an organization can see its applications drop by 40%.

HR and the metaverse

HR jobs linked to digital technology already exist, but the lightning acceleration of innovations will profoundly change this. With the emergence of virtual reality, HR will probably have to recruit people in the metaverse, plan team building events in virtual reality... The HR profession therefore requires more and more cross-functional skills and this is only going to intensify. The difficulty will lie in the fact that we will have to incorporate a strong human dimension in an increasingly robotized world.

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