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Tips to facilitate the integration of an employee

Summer is over, it's back to school and you may have new employees who will join your company this month! Here are a few tips to facilitate the integration of your new student or employee. Indeed, this is a step that is sometimes neglected by companies after the recruitment process. However, the integration is very important for the well-being at work.

First, you must announce the arrival of this new employee internally. This may seem obvious, but remember to inform your entire team. In an e-mail or during a meeting, specify the name of the new employee and the position he or she will occupy. This will avoid any embarrassment when the new employee arrives.

Next, since each position has its own specificities, think about preparing the work environment. Anticipate their needs by providing them with all the tools they will need for their future work, such as supplies (pens, notepads, etc.), an entrance badge, a functional computer, etc. Make sure you project an organized image and show that you care about their integration.

Then, you can organize immersion periods in each department of the company so that the employee understands all the issues of the structure. This will allow him/her to understand the role of each person in the company and will thus promote teamwork and of course the overall cohesion between each member. This integration process will encourage the establishment of a link with the teams already in place.

Also, think before the integration process of the new employee to free up some time to discuss with him/her about his/her feelings. Make him/her feel comfortable so that he/she can tell you, according to him/her, the positive and negative points of his/her first weeks. This will allow you to adjust your welcome policy for future recruits.

It is also a good idea to assign a mentor to the new employee. Indeed, it is not always easy for a new employee to ask for help or to ask questions to members he or she does not know yet. You can make this task easier by assigning a mentor who will accompany them every day. Choose someone from his team to encourage exchanges. This person should be able to answer their operational problems but also to answer questions about the global environment of the company.

Finally, involving the new employee in an ongoing project will be stimulating for him/her. Indeed, it will allow him to feel useful in the development of the company, and he will thus more easily find his feet. Nothing is more frustrating than waiting to get a job when the employee probably wants to prove himself. Show them your confidence so that they can make the most of their skills!

For a successful recruitment, the integration of the new employee is a key step. It is a question of common sense and it will allow him/her to feel comfortable within the structure.

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