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Humanize your company's communication

The health crisis has reinforced the desire and need for proximity of each of us. It has become essential for companies to take this factor into account. Thus, they have decided to give a more human representation of the content they broadcast.

The humanization of the digital strategy

Your digital strategy must also integrate the human dimension. Indeed, digital is becoming the first lever in terms of communication, but simply publishing on social networks and having a website is not enough. You need a long term communication strategy by integrating the humanization of contents. For this, you can create emotions by sharing real and concrete content. You need to get the right message across so that consumers identify you. Think of it as continually speaking to humans.

Tips for humanizing communication content

  • Create a proximity with your customers

To humanize your communication, you must create proximity with your Internet users so that they feel involved. This will allow you to erase the virtual. But for this, you must define and know exactly your target. Indeed, it is important to know your "personas" in order to respond with relevance to their needs while providing them with an added value that resembles you and is in line with the values of this target.

Moreover, your content must be simple to understand, be careful not to use too technical language. In this sense, you can for example insert videos, infographics ... it will be simpler and more impactful.

  • Share your emotions through storytelling

Emotions make you human so play on that in your communication. To do this, you can use the concept of storytelling which is the fact of telling stories, to pass a message to a target by arousing emotion. This is based on the fact of creating a particular link with your community by telling your story. Thus, we notice that emotions have an essential role in the decision making, customers will be more receptive to that than to a simple commercial offer. Moreover, they will be able to identify with your company and thus gain loyalty.

  • Use humor to play on emotions

To humanize your communication, use humor is a very good point. It conveys a positive and joyful image, the customer feels good when discovering your content. Humor is therefore very beneficial for a good communication strategy, but it must be used wisely!

  • Develop your "branding

Branding is the fact of knowing one's brand to the target consumers by carrying out digital marketing actions. Branding gathers aspects of the brand image such as: the style of expression, the values, the logo, the graphic charter... It is used to be noticed and to reach more easily its target. This will allow you to transform a new customer into a real ambassador. Moreover, branding will help you stand out from your competitors and reinforce brand recognition.

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